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50/50 stainless steel sink

Jun 11, 2017

50/50 stainless steel sink surface treatment there are several, what is the difference. Here together with years of experience and experience in the development of stainless steel sink, to talk about our views. In general, there are five kinds of stainless steel sink surface treatment:

1. pearl face

Some people also called pearl silver, matte, pearl matte and so on. Is made of chemical electrolytes for surface treatment (that is white and electroplating is almost). This surface treatment in all production, the most simple process, the technical content of small, low production costs. The price of the manufactured product is also low. At present, nearly 9 percent of the country's nearly 2,000 manufacturers have adopted this process completely. Many first-line brands also use this technology products to seize the low-end market. But the surface of the biggest flaw is intolerance, easy to use the surface scratches, serious coating will fall off. So many companies gradually use other technology to replace this process.

2. Matte surface

Also called beads sand surface. Is a small sand evenly high-speed pound the surface of the sink, so that the surface of the uniform formation of a small and its small groove (the human eye is difficult to see out), and improve the hardness of the surface of the sink, it raised its Scratch resistance. Principle is equivalent to the mechanical processing of shot peening. This treatment generally requires that the wall thickness of the plate can not be too thin, generally the overall stretch of the sink in this way more.

3. Drawing surfacep201612150940076939078.jpg

Also known as mercerizing. Is the use of a wire drawing equipment in the surface of the tank repeatedly drawing (equivalent to machining in the grinding machine). So that the surface of the formation of a trace of fine silk marks, and the surface and its smooth. Feel and vision has a strong clear and force. Because it is directly in the tank surface drawing, so the requirements of the plate is extremely high. Domestic plate drawing sometimes in the surface of small particles appear and affect the appearance. So the general drawing of the plate most of the choice of imported plate.