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42 inch kitchen sink cabinet

Jun 01, 2017

1. Beautiful workmanship and long service life. Terrazzo Flume is a full set of imported high-precision molds, through step-by-stretch process molding, so that the depth of the sink (that is, capacity) than the domestic ordinary sink larger, but also more fluent, beautiful, novel, the design focuses on the perfect appearance and the separation of applicability, it shows the beautiful harmonic contour and curve, but also displays its function and its applicability; Import the whole computer-controlled pearl surface disposal, make the manual sink surface data molecular structure rearranged, As a result, the surface hardness of Olin Flume is twice times higher than that of ordinary water tank, which can prolong the service life of the flume better. Import CNC inverter welding process to stop welding, so that the sink welding fastness, load and so on are higher than the national norms; the appearance of the trough of the silver Matt treatment, so its feel good, light refraction analogy mild, and visually comparable comfort, bearing more generous.


2. with reverse osmosis function. Super large two double layer filter water, can be very comprehensive filtration thickness of the scraps leftovers, so very effective to prevent the phenomenon of obstruction of the sewer, for the warmth of life to add unlimited source power.