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30/70 undermount kitchen sink

May 20, 2017

Best material editing for undermount kitchen sink

1, the sink is a long-term use of products-stainless steel is exceptionally strong, will not be damaged over time.

2, sinks most often with water contact-stainless steel will not be corroded by water, rust.


3,sinks also often and hot pots, hot water and other dealings-stainless steel with heat-resistant function, will not melt, will not burn. Expensive glass products are also put in the sink to wash-stainless steel does not wear broken glass and porcelain.

4, the sink will be exposed to the sun outside the window every day-stainless steel is not affected by strong light.


5, the sink is a part of the home environment-stainless steel quiet beauty is an elegant taste.

6, a lot of food to be placed in the sink wash-stainless steel easy to clean, very hygienic.