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30/70 kitchen sink

Jun 11, 2017


As a family cooking a cooking woman, the most annoying thing to see is the kitchen sink side of the mold! Especially affect the mood there are wood? It does not matter, today to teach you a wonderful way to easily get trouble!

Generally encountered such a phenomenon, you can make a judge, that is, whether it still has to save, there has been no expansion of the trend, if there is, then advise you or shovel as soon as possible, re-marked with a layer of glass glue can be; If the situation is ok, then it is possible to try the following method.

1,the first to find a no toothbrush, dip a little laundry liquid, using the most primitive way - scrubbing moldy black, although very common, but the effect is certainly much better than the wipes, is a little effort; if you too This is the trouble, then you can then look at the next method.

 2, 84 disinfectant take a piece of paper towels, try to tear into the black border size, dipped a little 84 disinfectant, and then directly paved in the mildew can be Oh, the next is quietly waiting for the general need 24 hours, although the time A bit long, but after all, very simple, no trouble ah, lazy apply Oh! Highly recommended! The Under normal circumstances, after 24 hours, there will be significant changes, glass glue will return to the original color; if it is still no effect, then only regret to tell you, must be shovel, re-glue!