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3 bowl stainless steel sink for sale

Jun 13, 2017

With the continuous improvement of people's consumption and aesthetics, the traditional cement and ceramic sinks have gradually retreated from the modern kitchen, replaced by a beautiful and durable stainless steel sink. So, in the process of buying how to distinguish the pros and cons of stainless steel sinks? Just look at the appearance of the sink is not see the quality and brand differences, which need to pay attention to the following points to buy details.

A look at the process, welding see the outcome

In many cases, we have seen some brand-name sink, in appearance with the ordinary brand almost no difference, but the price is less than a thousand miles. The main reason is that the first-class sink in the process of spending will be relatively large, excellent sink is to choose a stamping production, this technology is relatively high.

First-class sink in the welding of the difficulty and process requirements will be higher than the ordinary sink several grades, you want to identify their differences, you can touch the hand, the general curvature of the relatively smooth, smooth surface of the sink is the quality of products, on the contrary It is not.


Second look at the material, thin thickness of light weight

Brand sink are used in steel, because both in terms of hardness or wear resistance, the steel is the most suitable for the use of the kitchen. The surface of the steel is very smooth, easy to hang oil and dirt, cleaning will save a lot of effort. The thickness of the molten steel is generally between 0.8mm and 1mm, which is the best sink thickness. When the steel thickness is less than 0.8mm, the service life of the sink will be reduced. But more than 1mm, it is easy to damage the tableware.

Three look at the details, see micro-know

In the purchase of stainless steel sink, not only to the appearance of beautiful, in the kitchen with the overall, but also to reflect its practicality. When you buy the sink, carefully observe the details of the design, especially the water tank port and pipe connection with the use of the quality of the ball, which is difficult to see the location, but this detail is the key to anti-odor tank. Do not pay attention to detail, it is easy to appear difficult to clean the trouble.