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3 bowl kitchen sink undermount

Jun 02, 2017

Stainless steel sink surface has pearl surface, matte surface, drawing surface, the pressure surfaces, mirrors and other treatment methods, pearl silver face is more common, its process is to use the surface of the first sandblasting, and then to its chemical surface treatment, the surface of luxury shiny. And the drawing surface is the color of the steel itself, after polishing processing out, the current production in the domestic manufacturers can make the drawing sink is not a lot of requirements, the process is complex, the plate is very high, conversely, making the sink is basically a good sink, drawing sink is not suitable for oil, easy to take care of.

3 bowl design function distinguishes more, it can simultaneously wash, soak and store a lot of functions, save time and effort, also can let food raw and cooked apart. Three basin division of labor is more clear, its shortcoming is the basin body big, the big kitchen has the useful. If the kitchen space is larger, can choose a wide range, can choose three basin or with drain plate sink.