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3 basin stainless steel kitchen sink

Jun 11, 2017


Sink is an indispensable part of our kitchen life, they have gradually integrated into our lives, want to choose the most suitable sink is very important, we tailor the user for a variety of styles and functions of different products to reduce the housework The degree of heavyness makes the kitchen work a pleasant experience and enjoyment. So that every choice of our products users can feel our quality assurance and commitment

1, single basin type, 2, double basin type, 3, three basin type, 4, with airfoil

Single basin basin basin large, the selection is more convenient and comfortable, the current market has a length of more than 900mm long basin type. Modeling and more luxurious style, of course, the price is more expensive Double basin type is the most practical, generally more for the twin pots, which is a main pot plus a auxiliary basin, the main basin washing, auxiliary basin for the use of net foam. Three basin division of labor is more clear, the drawback is the large bowl, big kitchen have useless. With airfoils in the domestic city is not very popular, but more popular in Europe and the United States.