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27 undermount kitchen sink

Jun 13, 2017

Consumers in the purchase of undermount kitchen sink products, with particular attention to the following seven elements:

1, the domestic sink unique double-layer composite coating treatment, elegant texture, super hardness, can withstand metal scraping.

2, the material to SUS304DDQ stainless steel plate is better, the material thickness is moderate, to 0.8mm-1.0mm is appropriate, too thin affect the service life and strength of the sink, too thick to lose strong easy to damage the washing tableware.


3, under normal circumstances, the larger capacity of the sink capacity of the tank is good, the depth of 20cm is better, so you can effectively prevent the water splash, at the same time, the depth is also an important indicator of the grade of the sink, more than 18cm depth of the double tank is high Grade products.

4, the surface treatment of the undermount kitchen sink to matte for the beautiful and practical, not only no glare of the reflective, but also to withstand porcelain, tableware repeated wear and tear, easy to clean, commonly used as new.

5, according to the characteristics of Chinese family washing to select the large diameter of the water pipe, and the steel head made of stainless steel for the best.

6, according to the width of the kitchen table to determine the width of the undermount kitchen sink, the general width of the sink should be less than 10cm kitchen table counter. At the same time according to the domestic kitchen countertop size in the 50cm-60cm this feature, you can get a reasonable width of the tank in the 43cm-48cm.