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18 gauge stainless steel undermount kitchen sink double bowl

May 21, 2017

We often have some misunderstandings when choosing stainless steel sinks:

1: With magnet suction

Many consumers think that can absorb is: not rust iron, can't absorb: stainless steel. Not surprisingly, even the best of the 304 models of stainless steel in the sink process through mechanical stretching will have a micro-magnetic, the worst 430 models of stainless steel after the removal of magnetic treatment without a bit of magnetism, if according to the previous kind of saying to test, that is 430:304 more stainless steel, it can be seen that this kind of saying is not tenable, contrary to stainless steel sink by many treacherous business use, shoddy, profiteering.

2: Hand pressure sink

The thicker the feeling basin thinks the more durable it is. The premise of this judgment is the same type of stainless steel material. If not the same type of stainless steel has no real meaning, such as a 201-material sink, a 304 sink, the former is thick, the latter thin, if according to this judgment method that should be the former than the latter durable, in fact, 304 sinks than 201 water tank life is much longer, although the former thicker than the latter, because 304 of the 8% nickel content than the nickel content is only 1% Even nickel-free 201 rust resistance many times stronger.

3: Determine the quality of a sink by weight

Think the heavier the sink the better. This principle is similar to the above by hand pressure judgment, must under the same material condition can compare, otherwise have no comparability.

4: Stainless Steel sinks never rust

Stainless steel is not absolutely not rust, see in what environment is used, if in a wide range of chlorine ions in the environment such as salt, sweat, seawater, soil, sea breeze, etc., will soon rust, and even faster than ordinary low-carbon steel.

5: Pearl Sand surface treatment more environmentally friendly

Pearl Sand treatment process, the use of hydrochloric acid and other substances electrolysis, some harmful substances will remain on the surface gradually released, endangering human health, so some developed countries such as the United States is prohibited from electrolytic sinks into its market, now some high-grade sinks are generally used wire drawing treatment process, compared with other processes it has a rugged, long-lasting and often new advantages.

6: Integrated molding sinks are more durable than welding sinks

This is just a gimmick for businesses to play with, compared with the welding basin, the whole forming tank depth is not deep, uneven thickness, expensive, simple style is not good, trough due to high-temperature annealing caused by the sink softening and so on, on the contrary, the stainless steel sink now welded basin because of the use of CNC welding technology, welding, there is no virtual welding, leakage welding, welding and other phenomena, the weld completely with the other parts of the sink to achieve the same life.