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18 gauge stainless steel sink undermount

May 20, 2017

Stainless steel sinks, as the name suggests, use stainless steel as the raw material for the production of sinks. Through the whole stretch or welding method of the main body of the processing, and then surface treatment of the product, for the installation of the cabinet is indispensable part of the final product used in the modern kitchen as a dish washing or washing dishes indispensable tools. In terms of Price:Stainless steel sinks are now basically 304 stainless steel, production costs do not say, now the labor costs are very large, and the material itself can not be harmful to the body of the material, so the cost is higher.


Now the most common on the market, the most widely used is the stainless steel sinks, occupy the water tank market 90% share, the major well-known brands are developed and produced stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel is the ideal material for kitchen water trough, its light weight, good installation, wear-resisting, high temperature, resistant to damp, not easy to aging, not easy to corrosion, no oil, no water, no dirt, no odor, and stainless steel material displayed by the metal texture is quite modern, can reach the effect of hundred, shape and diverse, suitable for a variety of styles, other materials can not be compared.