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16g stainless steel sink

Jun 14, 2017

Let me introduce you to the 16 size of stainless steel sink scaling Skills

16 size stainless steel sink scale-egg descaling method

After eating the eggs, the egg shell can be put up. Put egg shells in a container with scale. Add three to 2 water and shake for 10 minutes. The principle of this method is the physical principle, because the egg shell and water in the container with the help of shaking strength and scale friction, can effectively remove the scale in the container. This method needs to add an egg shell based on the size of the container.


16 size stainless steel sink scale-starch descaling method

Potatoes, potatoes, etc. contain starch food, potato skin, sweet potato skin into the scale of the container, the container into the clear, placed for half an hour or so. Because starch has adhesion effect, this method is suitable for scale thinner scale container to very hard scale will not function.

The scale of stainless steel sink scaling skills I introduced here, is not very good, and a lot of consumers should soon learn to see. Like Xiao Bian said these several strokes to remove the wonderful strokes, is our usual food seasoning. In fact, as long as we pay more attention, a lot of what we usually look at the humble things may be our good helper.