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16 gauge undermount stainless steel sink

Jun 14, 2017

How to choose sinks - several categories

First, the classification of stainless steel sink material

1,304 # Material Stainless Steel, 2,202 # Material Stainless Steel, 3,201 # Material Stainless Steel

The biggest difference between the above types of stainless steel material is the difference in corrosion resistance, 304 the best, 202 slightly worse, 201 times, of course, the price difference is huge. So please consumers must be sure to purchase when the business clearly, be taken seriously. It is best to have the manufacturer's warranty book.


Second, the surface treatment classification

1, pearl silver face, 2, matte drawing surface, 3, mercerized surface, 4, polished mirror

The above four kinds of processes have their own special points, of which the most popular pearl silver surface, the process is to use the first surface of the sandblasting, and then its chemical surface treatment, the surface of luxury, long and lasting. Mercerized surface has become increasingly popular, characterized by matte drawing process advantages and polishing mirror in one, the performance of delicate, mercerized as satin.

Third, the structural classification

1, single basin type, 2, double basin type, 3, three basin type, 4, with airfoil

Single basin basin basin large, the selection is more convenient and comfortable, the current market has a length of more than 900mm long basin type. Modeling and more luxurious style, of course, the price is more expensive Double basin type is the most practical, generally more for the twin pots, which is a main pot plus a auxiliary basin, the main basin washing, auxiliary basin for the use of net foam. Three basin division of labor is more clear, the drawback is the large bowl, big kitchen have useless. With airfoils in the domestic city is not very popular, but more popular in Europe and the United States.

How to choose a sink - how to choose

One, to the water device

The water supply device may be something that is ignored by most consumers, but it is a very critical component in the tank configuration. The price impact on the sink is also very large. The price of the all stainless steel water unit is over $ 100. Of the water with automatic water device, but the function is not necessarily a good thing, easy to start, a long time may be a problem!

Second, measuring stainless steel sink than the thickness

Good stainless steel sinks are relatively thick plate, because the sink has been edge treatment, it is difficult to see the thickness of the moment, the easiest way: a little hard by the surface of the sink, if you go by, it shows the material is thin, of course, if Can not borrow the vernier caliper and spiral micrometer not so much trouble.

Three, weigh the weight of stainless steel sink

Stainless steel is an iron alloy, the proportion of steel is 7.87, which added nickel, chromium heavy metals, the proportion of these metals than steel to large, so the weight is relatively heavy (of course, also refer to the plate thickness). If it is fake, poor quality stainless steel, such as steel chrome on the weight of light.

Although the sink is the kitchen of every household has something, but if you really go to carefully carefully buy, then sometimes the menu is a double slot, or what material is good and blindly circle, how to choose to be satisfied Sink, mainly look at the use of, and in different places use the natural and different, and this is the need to choose the way it is different, but he still can not escape the choice of the above method, so I hope the introduction of the above You are helpful.