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16 gauge undermount kitchen sink

Jun 14, 2017

What is the undermount kitchen sink? I believe you will not be unfamiliar with the basin. The lower basin is also a kind of wash basin. But the basin will be inlaid with the table, and the things around it seem more harmonious. So what's the bottom of the sink? What are the pros and cons of it? In order to make it clearer that we know what is going on in the sink, we are here to meet.


The advantages of undermount kitchen sink

The advantage of the lower basin is that it does not destroy the flatness of the table, and it is more convenient to clean. In the visual effect, the basin will also be more modern, for people to love. Compared to the table basin, the lower basin price will be more expensive, and the installation will be complex. The washing table part should open a hole in the size of the lower basin, which is used for placing the basin under the table. In order to fit with the table, the part of the table and table contact must be connected with the table, with a special adhesive bonding agent. If the lower basin is broken, it is impossible to separate the lower basin from the table and can only be replaced with the table. So from this point of view, we'd better choose the more well-known brands of the lower basin, to ensure quality, reduce the possibility of damage under the basin.

The disadvantage of undermount kitchen sink

Stage basin because the diameter of the basin is larger than the table dug hole, equal to the table directly. In the installation of the time only to the table basin and mesa joints on the silicone can be, construction is more convenient. If the stage basin is damaged, just remove the silica gel and pick it up directly from above. The stage basin also has an advantage, that is can make more changes in the modelling, so the choice of the style is larger, and the decoration effect is more ideal. When washing hands, water is not easy to splash out from the basin, but in the wash basin cleaning is more difficult to trouble some, and because of relatively high, also not suitable for children to use.