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16 gauge stainless steel sinks undermount

May 22, 2017

Because the sink is a different size, and different families of the kitchen space is also different, some of the family's kitchen space may be larger, and some may be relatively small, therefore, it is necessary to choose the specific circumstances to fit the size of the sink.

What is the size of stainless steel sink?


1, the general single trough stainless steel sinks for 60 is relatively small;

2, the size of the two-groove General 88to 48CMI, 81 is more common;

3, three trough general is 97 48cm, 103 is more common.

The above we introduce the kitchen stainless steel sink size of the specific choice, is our factory based on the actual size of the flume measurement, so still quite accurate, you can choose in accordance with the above-mentioned content to choose. There are also some about the size of the stainless steel sink selection is also our manufacturers according to the actual product measurement, but also has some basis, we choose when we can make a reference.