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16 gauge stainless steel sink

May 21, 2017

Now the most common sink in the market is the single trough, double trough, three trough sink. If the kitchen space is relatively small, it is best to choose a single trough of the sink, this single trough sink size is relatively small, just meet the requirements of small kitchen, and they can also meet the most basic cleaning role. A slightly larger space for the kitchen, you can consider the double trough sinks, they were once considered to be the most practical flume style, that is, to meet the basic cleaning function, but also to meet the role of separate cleaning. And the triple tank? Most of them are of different shapes, unique in style, and they have a greater role. But they need plenty of room.

16 /18 Gauges

Usually the sink in the market is about 20 centimeters in depth. This makes it easy to clean the cutlery without feeling any discomfort. The depth of 20 centimeters just avoids splashing out. The common flume is either quadrilateral or circular quadrilateral. Their walls are vertically shaped so that they can virtually increase the use of the sink. According to People's living habits, usually large caliber stainless steel sinks are well liked by consumers.