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16 gauge stainless steel kitchen sinks undermount

May 25, 2017

Before everyone has been the kitchen faucet stainless steel sink selection Focus on the size, anti-fouling ability, 09 kitchen bathroom show focus on visual effects and humanized design, a change faucet sink stainless steel face and a single scrubbing effect, color, texture, light sense, etc. have good performance.

1, Color: Black

black kitchen faucet stainless steel sink, the material is man-made marble, with special emphasis on the same type of black faucet.


2, Texture: cortex

Retro-Fashionable snake-skin texture is not only suitable for toilet basin, after special treatment can also be used for kitchen stainless steel sinks.

3. Design: Integration

Hot and cold water, clean water pipes, knives, garbage cans, tableware racks, hardware ... A sink satisfies most kitchen functions.

4. Design: humanization

Franke Integrated Molding sink faucet, can be retractable faucet, more extensive area, two control outlet switch, a variety of water outlet options.

5, Design: 360 degrees rotation

Sink faucet can rotate 360 degrees, operation more casual.

6. Technology: Polishing

Triple polishing process, cocktail-like light sense.

7, Save: Cold hot water, clean water

Hot and cold water together with a tap water, one after the other, to save a faucet, save some kitchen space.