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16 gauge stainless steel kitchen sink top mount

Jun 07, 2017

With the popularity of kitchen design, more and more high-end kitchen supplies are popular in the market, stainless steel sinks are one of them. So in the stainless steel sink to buy, install, maintain the effort, at present a lot of sinks can be installed autonomously, for some willing to do the user, not only to save the installation costs, but also familiar with the structure of the sink, but the installation of stainless steel sinks affect the use of the effect, therefore, pay attention to installation matters to better install the use of the next we will learn the installation of stainless steel sinks,

Stainless steel sink installation steps:

1: The kitchen must have a stainless steel sink installation Place, in the purchase sink is to pay attention to its size, so as not to need to change.

2: Check the stainless steel sink accessories are not complete.

3: First installs the faucet, will the gasket sleeve, the knob tighten, prevents the faucet to loosen.

4: In the 2 water production pipe tightening installation in place.

5: Install soap dispenser.


6: In the sewage pipe interface daub silicone.

7: After the installation of rubber pads and then daub silicone.

8: The discharge pipe in the middle of the stainless steel sink in the overflow port.

9: Use a screwdriver to hold the overflow outlet in the sewer pipe.

10: Install the bottom of the drain.

11: Will install the fitting stainless steel sink to have already opened the good mouth the table.

12: Put the rubber washer into the interface of the sewage pipe.

13: The discharge pipe 2 out of the interface to tighten.

14: Continue to install the stainless steel sink pipe.

15: The other part of the pipe in the main docking.

16: The discharge pipe at the overflow outlet and the main body butt.

17: Use silica gel to glue the sink to the countertop.

18: Put the drain basket into the.

19: The sewer installation completes.

20: Stainless steel sink installation completed.