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16 gauge stainless steel drop in kitchen sinks

Jun 16, 2017

16 gauge stainless steel drop in kitchen sinks


Different skills and brands are the only route for stainless steel sink power

China's stainless steel trough products export to earn only 3% of the total exports, not only the issue of science and technology content, but also the brand. Brand contains a lot of content, package Rohelau, promise and so on. The promise is gold, good faith business is the basic way. If we produce stainless steel sink products, do not paste people's brand, but to my brand to sell, but also to sell the price of the same, then our GDP has not known how many times. Also, to enlarge and strengthen our stainless steel sink property, The involvement of big consortia is a key element. Japan's Panasonic, Sony is not to engage in electrical appliances, but they are a large consortium, in seeing the prospects of the development of household appliances, they are involved, is now unified world.

How to invent the brand of China itself and the market is a problem we urgently need to deal with. With the participation of WTO, more than a international famous brands also need a lot of influx into China, which is what we often call "wolf." The wolf is coming. "There is no horror, the key is that we have to have a good shotgun to block it." International mold and stainless steel sinks plastic Property Supplier Association Secretary General Rob pointed out that China's stainless steel sink industry production, marketing must adapt to the domestic and international tide towards internationalization, and the new marketing to pull enterprises to develop, to create an international concept. At present, our country's stainless steel trough product is simply not playing in the international brand, like Zhejiang Yongkang, is well-known in China, but it is still Zhejiang Yongkang , not China Yongkang, has not yet come out of the country. Confidence through a period of hard work, China's stainless steel trough products in the international brand will be more and more.

Market and Property Regional link is the development of demand

There is a problem cannot be ignored, is our stainless steel trough production enterprises to the national advantage, can not because of my advantages, unreasonable competition. China's broad, regional development of the premise of economic differences, stainless steel sink property also has a clear area, which is related to China's national conditions, but also the characteristics of the stainless steel sink industry in China. The current Yangtze River delta, Pearl River Delta region has become the fastest growing region of China's economy in recent years, Yangtze River delta Economic zone has become the fastest foreign investment in the region, in this situation, Jiangsu stainless steel sink property has a grand advantage, this advantage can be expanded through the radiation hinterland, adhere to and promote the position of this advantage. This is the other stainless steel sinks property base, the first to see a comparison of the lack of knowledge, there is competition to carry out, but the development of stainless steel sinks property belt must confront the healthy competition between the property belt, This will also be beneficial to the area of stainless steel sinks the vitality of the property and the acceleration of economic promotion. To do the market must be with the local need to Qijiang property to carry out contact, stainless steel tank market is not an exception, this is a socialist market economy to carry out the demand.