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16 gauge kitchen sink single bowl

Jun 14, 2017

16 gauge kitchen sink single bowl-The first method of installation

In the installation of the sink, the position of the table should be the size of the sink itself and the size of the area. So when choosing the sink, be sure to understand the size of the sink. Avoid rework. Then the first step in the kitchen sink basin installation is to install the faucet, the access of the water switch must be firmly, now the faucet has cold, hot points, this is because the faucet below the inlet pipe has two, one representative of cold water another represents hot water, the two pipes together to connect to the hose, and do not mistake the position. This is the faucet installation during the installation of the kitchen sink basin.


16 gauge kitchen sink single bowl-The second method of installation

The inlet pipe, in fact, is the faucet drainage of the two pipes. First of all, to connect a water pipe to the drainage area, the installation must pay attention to the firmness and stability, but also to pay attention to these two water intake pipe and the location of cold, do not make mistakes. The installation method and way of two pipes are similar, but the water temperature is not the same.

16 gauge kitchen sink single bowl-The third method of installation

The so-called matching piece, in fact, is to avoid the gap is too small, and cause the water tank shaking instability and set the accessories. It is also the most crucial part of the bottom basin installation of the kitchen sink. After filling the sink with water, test the overflow hole, filtered blue drainage, and found that the water seepage around the sink, then rework immediately, check the installation around the sink. With the configuration of the hanging piece, the use of screws to tighten leveling, in the use of silica gel sealing around the sink, to ensure that the water tank around and mesa uniform.