Undercounter Kitchen Sink, RS-RR3219

Model No.: RS-RR3219
Overall Size: 31 1/2" x 18 1/2"
Bowl Size: 30" x 18"
Depth: 9"

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 Introduction of Undercounter Kitchen Sink, RS-RR3219

Front View & Back View of Undercounter Kitchen Sink

Commercial quality sinks is in! Kitchens requires long term and high quality sinks. It is an important investment whether or not you cook at home often. Nowadays, more and more people are aiming for healthier lifestyles. Therefore, more and more people are cooking at home. Yet for most people, they do not have much time and cooking is usually rushed and squeezed in. Having a quality sink will help you a lot throughout this period. 

RS-RR3219 has easy to clean and hygienic radius corner. You can easily wipe sink corners where bacteria usually accumulates. One other unique quality of this sink is the drain hole. The drain hole is designed to be placed on the corner to allow more space both on the sink itself and below the sink space. This means that you can store more stuff underneath the sink while at the same time would not have to worry about unknowingly placing any pots of dishes on top of the hole which makes drainage more difficult. The corner drain hole also allows more sound guard pads to stick on the underside of the sink, which results in higher noise control. Now you can quietly get things done in the kitchen. 

 Specifications of Undercounter Kitchen Sink, RS-RR3219

Model No                     



Handmade Sink , 10mm or 15mm Radius                                                                                   

Overall Size

31 1/2’’ x 18 1/2’’

Bowl Size

30 " x 18"




SUS 304


16 Gauge, 18 Gauge









 Details of Undercounter Kitchen Sink, RS-RR3219

details of Undercounter Kitchen Sink

Handmade Sink Packing 

package of Undercounter Kitchen Sink

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More and more competitive sinks are out in the market. Most retailers and wholesalers who import sinks are having difficulty in coping with competitive. This is where Symbol stands out. Our sinks are not only of unique and great quality but also it is competitive in price. In 2017. Symbol sink upgraded our fabricated sink factory and increased our production efficiency which at the same time our automated machines have less room for error. This upgrade make production easier, faster, and more cost effective. A bold move that allowed us to support our customers easier for their competition. 

Our services have been honed to cater to higher end brands. Our team makes sure that our services and finished products reflects our hard work and dedication. As for smaller companies, we are more than delighted to grow your business with you. Please feel free to contact our team for any inquiries you may have regarding our products and services.



1.  Can you help us produce a sink we have designed?

Our in-house research and development team would not only produce your sink design, they will make sure that sink will also have great quality and high functionality. Your intellectual properties would also be protected.

2.  How long would it take for me to receive a sample?

Lead time for samples depends greatly on availability. If you need samples for standard products that we have in stock. The samples will have a very short lead time. But if your samples are custom made or are not available in stock. We will need longer lead time to produce and send over the products. For more precise lead time on the sample that you need, please feel free to contact our sales team.

3.  I heard and read many stories of stainless steel sink rusting. Does yours rust?

Stainless steel sinks, specially those who are made of high quality materials like SUS304 stainless steel does not rust. Rust occurs only when the sink is contaminated with harsh chemical residue during installation or use. These rusts can easily be brush off. But please before doing so, consult your stainless steel sink seller to give you proper step by step instruction on removing rusts. If not done properly, you may damage your sink.