18 Inch Square Stainless Steel Sink,RS-1818

Model No.: RS-1818

Overall Size: 18" x 18"

Bowl Size: 16" x 16"

Depth: 10"

Product Details

Product Description

 Introduction of 18 Inch Square Stainless Steel Sink,RS-1818

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The sink is an important part of our kitchen. It is easy to clean, durable, and affordable. It is also the area where many housewives spent most time in the kitchen. Purchasing and installing kitchen sink properly will be convenient for cleaning food as well as pots, dishes, etc. However, if the purchase or installation of kitchen sink is not qualified, it may cause many trouble for later use. so we must choose according to their own kitchen area and usage, determine the sink size.

RS-1818, is one of the small kitchen sinks which is suitable for your kitchen if your kitchen space is not large enough. The square stainless steel kitchen sink is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is rust resistance as well as corrosion resistance. The handmade small radius square sink has a thickness of 16 gauge (1.5mm) and 18 gauge (1.2mm), you can choose the right thickness according to your realistic need.

 Specifications of 18 Inch Square Stainless Steel Sink,RS-1818

Model No                     



Handmade Sink , 10mm or 15mm Radius                                                                                   

Overall Size

18’’ x 18’’

Bowl Size

16 " x 16"




SUS 304


16 Gauge, 18 Gauge







 Details of 18 Inch Square Stainless Steel Sink,RS-1818

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Handmade Sink Packing 

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About Symbolsink  

   Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Sink

Symbolsink has been producing premium quality stainless steel sinks for North America market for many years. In order to increase our production capacity cut down our sink cost, production cost, labor cost, and most importantly our lead time, we have equipped with the latest automated production machines, including CNC machine, welding machine, bending machine, polishing machine painting machine and so on.

Symbol good credit is built on the hard work that each member our the team contributed. We make sure that we are one of the reason for our customer’s growth. Their reputation and the satisfaction of their customers matters to us. We brainstorm solutions and services that would support their needs. Throughout the years, as their demands increased the demands for our sinks have increased as well. Symbolsink makes sure that we expand our capabilities ahead of our customer’s development. 



1.  Can you produce fabricated sinks based on our specifications?

One of the best thing about fabricated sinks is that they are handmade. This means that sinks can be produced based on the specifications and design of our customer. Our high product development capabilities can design and create complex and advanced fabricated sinks. In fact, our team will guide you through the whole process and make sure of the quality of your sink.

2.  How do you make sure that you will be able to provide large quantity of sinks as we need them?

Symbolsink plans and arranges delivery based on our customer’s demand, when they have large amount of demands, our team sets up a system which would help us prepare and produce sinks ahead. This ensure that the sinks needed are delivered on time.

3.  What kind of stainless steel does apron sink use?

Premium 304 series stainless steel, which is rust-free, scrape-resisting, non-porous, hygienic, and extremely durable.