Handmade Single Bowl Apron Front Sink, AS-R3021

Model No.: AS-R3021

Overall Size: 30" x 21"

Bowl Size: 28 2/5" x 16 3/5"

Depth: 9 1/2"

Product Details

Product Description

 Introduction of Handmade Single Bowl Apron Front Sink, AS-R3021

AS-R3021 正面背面拼图.jpg

AS-R3021, the ultimate family friendly sink, is designed and fabricated to cater to families. Starting with its large bowl, it can easily fit large pots and pan which are typically used for daily family meals or for gatherings. Being able to fit pots and pan into your sink avoids leaving grease and marks on your countertop. Whether you are a home chef or a instant food kind of person, a large sink space will make your daily kitchen use so much easier. One other key advantage of this handmade single bowl apron front kitchen sink is the fabrication and design of its grooves. Eye-catching and also very functional. It smoothly drains down water without leave small pools of water on certain parts of the sinks. Having to constantly push water to the drain can take up a lot of time and effort. Not something you would prefer to do instead of spending time with your family.

AS-R3021 has an excellent sound guard system which will make sure that your family is not disturb by cluttering sounds. Kitchen sink is an investment, with the right kind of sink, you can invest your extra time , effort and money elsewhere.

 Specifications of Handmade Single Bowl Apron Front Sink, AS-R3021

Model No                     

TypeApron Sink , 10mm or 15mm Radius                                                                                   
Overall Size30’’ x 21’’
Bowl Size

28 2/5 " x 16 3/5"

Depth9 1/2”                                                                                                                  
MaterialSUS 304
Thickness16 Gauge, 18 Gauge
Stainless steel sinks made in Malaysia has NO ANTI-DUMPING DUTY as well as No Extra Tariffs !



 Details of Handmade Single Bowl Apron Front Sink, AS-R3021

details of apron front sink.jpg

Apron Front Sink Packing 



S1:cartonS2:5 pcs Foam Board  S3:Non-woven board
  S4:6th pc Foam BoardS5:installation instructions S6:Seal Package

About Symbolsink  

   Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Sink

Symbolsink believes in long term and mutually beneficial partnership. Our partners’ growth is ours. Any increase in their sales is an increase on their purchase with us. Our goal is to make the whole process of sink procurement as convenient and as advantageous as possible. 

Starting with providing quality products that will surely match the demands of the market. Our experienced quality control team make sure that each sinks that we deliver are of perfect condition. While our sales team customize the best set of services that our partners would need. Our top notch OEM services are known for excellent quality. Symbolsink has been catering to North America for more than a decade, we take pride in our knowledge and expertise in this field. 



1.  Can you produce fabricated sinks based on our specifications?

One of the best thing about fabricated sinks is that they are handmade. This means that sinks can be produced based on the specifications and design of our customer. Our high product development capabilities can design and create complex and advanced fabricated sinks. In fact, our team will guide you through the whole process and make sure of the quality of your sink.

2.  Are all your drain holes round?

Our drain holes are typically punched with standard round shape and size but we could also make and produce sinks with rectangular drain holes. Just let our sales team know of your requirements and they will inform you of the appropriate process and lead time for special request.

3.  Is your undercoating odorless?

The undercoating spray on the backside of the sinks is eco-friendly and odorless. It is tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and can withstand being inside a close space. You wont have to worry about opening your cabinet and suddenly smelling strong chemical odors.

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