Apron Front Kitchen Sink, AS-R3021

Model No.: AS-R3021

Overall Size: 30" x 21"

Bowl Size: 28" x 16 1/2"

Depth: 10"

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 Introduction of Apron Front Kitchen Sink, AS-R3021


AS-R3021 is crafted in one of the most advanced facilities globally using industrial strength T304 18/10 Stainless Steel from Posco, a world leader in quality steel. Our sinks contain 25% more steel than comparable products so that they never bow, warp or dent - even with heavy use. Drain boiling water & flush ice without worrying about corrosion & rust. Optimal drainage with channel grooves to prevent standing water in the sink. 

AS-R3021 is equipped with top-level soundproofing, including thick rubber dampening pads. Each sink is additionally treated with protective Stone Guard coating, which reduces condensation and further dampens sound and free kitchen accessories included with purchase. We lead the industry in noise & thermal insulation - the quietest sink in the market also offers maximum protection for your cabinets.

 Specifications of Apron Front Kitchen Sink, AS-R3021

Model No                   



Apron Sink , 15mm Radius                                                                                              

Overall Size

30’’ x 21’’

Bowl Size

28"x16 1/2"




SUS 304




16 Gauge, 18 Gauge





Stainless steel sinks made in Malaysia has NO ANTI-DUMPING DUTY as well as No Extra Tariffs!



Packing and Transportation of Apron Front Kitchen Sink


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Can you provide samples ?


Yes . Samples of our sinks are available .


What is the thickness of your handmade sink?


The thickness iof our stainless steel sink nclude 18gauge and 16gauge


What is your MOQ of handmade sink?


The Minimum Order Quantity of handmade sink is 20 pcs/model.