ADA Stainless Steel Sink, ADA-2318

Model No.: ADA-2318
Overall Size: 23 3/16"×17 7/8"
Bowl Size: 21 1/16"×15 3/4"
Depth: 5"-5.5"

Product Details

ADA Stainless Steel Sink

ADA stainless steel sink is new series of Symbol stainless steel kitchen sink series. This single bowl undermount kitchen sink is available in either 16G or 18G thickness. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, the ADA stainless steel sink is rust-resistance and anti-corrosion. The depth of this undermount ADA sink is 5"-5.5", which meet the requirements of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). 


Specification of Single Bowl ADA Stainless Steel Sink,ADA-2318

undermount kitchen sink

Production of Drawn Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Sink Factory In Malaysia 

Malaysia Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Factory

Symbol has drawn stainless steel kitchen sink factory and handmade stainless steel sink factory in Malaysia. Our stainless steel sink factory in Malaysia is the only one that has real big production and full set of shipping documents for customs clearance and inspection. Our stainless steel sink factory has passed ISO9001:2015 certificate. Most of our stainless kitchen sinks are cUPC certificated which approved by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials ).

Stainless steel sink manufactured in Malaysia has no anti-dumping duty and no extra tariffs.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Package

Package for undermount sink.jpg

Stainless steel ADA sink from Symbol can be packed in a varity of ways, including 1 piece per carton, 3 pieces per carton, 5 pieces per carton. You can choose the package method you prefer. Custom package method also available.

FAQ About 304 Stainless Steel Sink

Question: The newly purchased sink has not been used, the surface of the sink is rusted when I leave it in the room for some days. What should I do?

Answer: This is the phenomenon is called floating rust. The sink may be corroded by the corrosive gas, liquid, metal dust of the newly decorated house, or caused by acidic or alkaline substances which has long-term contact with the stainless steel sink. This problem has nothing to do with 304 stainless steel. Slight rust can be removed with cotton cloth dipped in toothpaste and wiped repeatedly. Severe rust can be removed by scrubbing with toothpaste along a brushed line.


Note: Floating rust is not real rust. It is caused by the chemical substances attached to the surface of the sink and being oxidized. It can be wiped off. Be sure to use a  scouring pad rather than steel wire cleaning ball

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